Earth Day

Happy Earth Day!

Take the time today to make a change in your lifestyle or around your house that will help the Earth.

Try turning off your computer and electronic devices when youre not using them to save on electricity, especially at night. Nearly 10% of wasted electricity each year goes to keeping these devices on when theyre not in use.

Install some energy-efficient LED lights around your house. They last longer, are brighter, and use less electricity than incandescent or even compact fluorescent lights.

If youre looking for a way you can help the Earth not just on one day but year-round, consider installing a solar system to supply your property with your energy needs.

A solar system can reduce your carbon footprint by using the sun to power your home, and not limited fossil fuels such as coal and natural gas.

You can get a Free Online Estimate to see how much you can save by going solar. The Free Solar Webinar is also available to answer all of your solar questions.