Solar Panels Can Mean Big Savings on Energy Bills

Solar power may generate only a fraction of the nation’s energy, but for some local Long Beach solar power businesses and homeowners, the sun produces big savings.

Take the following example into account. A family recently installed 26 solar panels on their home, estimating that they will produce roughly 65% of the power they use annually using the sun. This means savings of around $750 on their electric bill each year.

With the price tag of the system at $37,000, they can expect the state and federal clean energy rebate programs will pay back $17,000 right off the bat.

With all this taken into account, they estimate that in about six-and-a-half years, the system will be paid off. They will have their investment back and can expect to actually be making in a few years.

If you are looking for independence from you electric company, NexGen Construction installs solar systems for those interested in Long Beach solar power. Contact them today to learn how you can begin saving money on your electricity bill.

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