Own Your Solar Energy System

You can finance a solar system for less than solar leasing.

Save 26% off what you spend on electricity today.*

FICO 680+, $0 Down, No Payments for 12 Months, 20 year Financing Available

We know how to compare solar quotes and will show you how to save the most money.

To get started, Schedule Appointment or use the Online Solar Quote to receive a 5 page email report.

*Varies by utility rate and system size.

Own Your Solar Energy System

The top 6 reasons why Owning a Solar Energy System is better than solar leasing.

1)  You can own solar for less per month than leasing with no pre-payment penalty.
2)  Buying your own solar system will increase your savings 400%.
3)  Solar lease users are shocked because they have to pay sales tax. Owners do not.
4)  FICO score requirements for financing are the same to own or lease.
5)  Owners keep the 30% federal tax credit and interest can be tax deductible.
6)  Owners receive higher quality materials and a 25 year production warranty.

After payments, a solar loan will provide net savings of $75,000 over 25 years compared to only $50,000 in savings from a solar lease.