As an Enphase Platinum Dealer, NexGen Construction installs whole home battery storage for TOU On-Peak usage reduction AND Off-Grid Power when the grid goes dark.

30% Federal Tax Credit and Rebates.

Enphase Ensemble™ Energy Management Technology

  • Ensemble Solar: Built on the Enphase Home Energy System with IQ™ and gives solar homeowners all the advantages and assurance of traditional grid-tied solar, with the additional benefit of a solar system that keeps the home microgrid amped up during the day if the utility grid suffers an outage.

  • Ensemble Energy: Ensemble Energy takes Ensemble Solar a step further, adding batteries to keep the power on during an outage, even when the sun isn’t shining. This keeps the home microgrid amped up 24×7. With Ensemble Energy the stage lights are always on.

  • Storm Guard: Intelligence to automatically track weather systems to prioritize power backup if an approaching storm is detected.

  • AC Generator Integrations: Seamlessly integrate a compatible AC home standby generator into Ensemble for more power during extended grid outages.

  • IQ Load Controller: Turn power-hungry appliances on and off automatically or manually from the Enphase app to conserve battery life when running on backup power.

  • Low Voltage. High Safety: Enphase Home Solar IQ Battery operates with low-voltage DC power, avoiding the dangers that come with high-voltage DC power.

  • Smart Power: IQ Battery is smart enough to update itself automatically over the internet to receive the latest software and new features.

  • Power You Can Tap Into: Enphase IQ Batteries are managed by a beautifully designed app, just a tap away from tracking energy stored and available for backups.

  • Safer, Reliable Storage: Enphase IQ Batteries are the first micro inverter-based storage system to meet the performance criteria of the UL 9540A unit level test for thermal runaway fire propagation in residential indoor wall-mounted systems.

  • Expansions Are Easy: With IQ Batteries, you can start small. Go big. Or easily add different-sized batteries as your needs grow over time.