Launching a program is simple.
How it Works:
Step 1 Schedule a “kick-off” meeting
Rally a few of your Neighbors together then contact NexGen Construction to schedule a kick-off meeting. We team up to promote and host an introductory meeting. This meeting consists of an educational home solar power systems presentation, explanation of the program, solar panel installation procedures, and a Q&A session.

Step 2 Start the clock
The kick-off meeting initiates the program and it runs for a period of 30 days, during which time the group engages participants. NexGen Construction will support the group and be happy to present and answer questions at additional meetings, if needed.

Each interested homeowner receives a free site evaluation and quotation for their solar panel system.

Step 3 Sign up and save
During the 30 day period; NexGen Construction completes home solar assessments and quotations for custom-designed systems for each interested homeowner.  The numbers of homeowners that enter into contract are tallied and the discounts are awarded based on the total number of program participants.

Step 4 Installation
Shortly after contracts are signed, NexGen Construction will schedule the installations, Solar Teams will arrive in the neighborhood, and the neighborhood goes solar!

The discount is taken off of the market price for each given installation. Each installation is custom-designed to the homeowner’s needs including:

  • Energy requirements
  • Available roof space
  • Aesthetic
  • Customer budget requirements

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NexGen Construction also offers alternative financing programs to help a neighborhood go solar

Is your neighborhood ready?  Get started!