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  • A few years ago, after many years of researching, I hired NexGen to install my solar panels.  They had the best warranty and the best quality in the industry.  I was very careful in my choice and I do not regret it.  I know that they are small company, but their personal attention and customer service outperforms any of the big players in the industry.  Plus, they are local and are very attentive to their customers needs.  I highly recommend them to anyone who is in the market for solar.  You wont be disappointed.
    -Senator Tony Mendoza

    Tony M.
  • I am very pleased that my husband and I chose to go with NexGen for our solar installation. Eric was the perfect person to meet with so that I could choose the right solar package for my needs. He never tried to do a hard sell. He answered all of my questions and brought up many points that I didn’t even know to ask. He never pressured us to finalize the contract, but waited for my call after giving me all the paperwork to read. When we decided to purchase our system the installation was very quick. The crew was extremely courteous and neat. They even made sure they replaced roof tiles for us that had been broken by a fumigation crew the week before. They worked around my schedule.

    Becky S
  • We went solar in May, and I can’t say enough great things about our experience with Nex-Gen. Eric, the owner, is fantastic! He is patient and answered all my questions (sometimes a couple of times). He gave me an initial quote after talking to me for awhile on the phone, and then came on out to make sure we were good candidates for solar (not too much shade, etc.) Next, he walked me through all of their guarantees. I feel very safe and confident that we have the very best coverage and support that we could have hoped for! The crew was just as great. They finished right when they said they would, and the whole process was far less disruptive than I expected.


    Trisha M
  • I had an issue with my inverter on an existing solar system. Eric was incredibly professional abd available to help. The customer service was top notch and they really went above and beyond. I would give Eric and Nexgen my highest recommendation.

    Neil V
  • Eric is really knowledgeable on his field who will design the most efficient solar system to meet your situation. His team performed a unimpeachable installation, they did everything they promised plus went out their way to replace couples of broken roof tiles damaged by previous Direct TV installation. What a outstanding speedy service!! We have solar system producing power in 7 days from signing the contract to city final inspection. At first we are kind of debating should we choose the bigger solar company instead but after research we decided to give them a shot since they are in business longer than most of competitor, also for been small and local they are able to respond any future issues much quicker.

    Ted L
  • Eric and his team at NexGen installed solar panels, a pool pump and a new breaker board at our home. Everything NexGen did was as promised with high quality and care for our home.  All the work was done on time and on budget.  Communication and follow-up by Eric was excellent and greatly appreciated.  I highly recommend NexGen if you are installing solar panels in your home or business.

    Gene C
  • NexGen installed solar panels on our two story single family home as well as a townhome we own.  We interviewed a number of companies and found Eric to be very qualified and fairly priced.  When you’re meeting with Eric, you’re working with someone that has designed and installed solar panels so he knows the products. For the townhome, we had to go through an HOA which had rules that required a couple of design considerations.  Eric did a great job and was very responsive to questions that the HOA had.  The city signed off on the permits with just one visit and we received permission to operate from Edison in one day on one property and two days on the other all because of Eric’s handling of the paperwork.

    George P
  • Eric Helgeson (owner) came out to my home in Mission Viejo and gave me a terrific education on what would be the right system for us. Having been in sales and sales mgmt. for many years  before retiring, I kinda know when someone’s just throwing out a canned presentation (boilerplate) and simply working for the signature on the dotted line. Well, that’s not the case here. He really knows his subject, is as honest as it gets and is a just plain nice guy – a combination rarely found today.  As to his construction crew, they were superb. Every afternoon before leaving, our home was left spic and span. Each of the four crew members, Grady and Roberto included, were courteous, friendly and as helpful as it gets.


    Will J
  • We just had NexGen Construction design and install our solar system and the experience was amazing.  They are truly deserving of their high ratings.  Eric, the owner, seems to care greatly about the quality of his work and the satisfaction of his customers.  It was very important to me that my solar system was not only functional and reliable but also aesthetically pleasing.  Eric was the only solar contractor that seemed to have similar goals.   I requested quotes from three local companies, all with great reviews and similarly priced.  Two companies sent solar sales people to give me my quote, Eric the owner of NexGen came himself.  2 weeks after that visit my system is up and running providing me with clean energy and looks great.  Thanks NexGen!

    Michael V
  • We normally do not write reviews but Eric and his crew were so awesome we felt everyone should know.   Eric gave an honest and fabulous presentation. His system was superior to the larger companies.  We have never had such great customer service.  His guys were polite and hardworking.   We were on the grid in about 10 days. We love seeing our low low electric bill.
    100% satisfaction with the crew, system, and Eric.

    Beth L
  • These guys are great, I talked to two big solar companies and two smaller ones.  I went with nexgen construction and couldn’t be happier. They were quick to get to work, worked very hard to do things right, and went out of their way to fix things they saw that had been done poorly previously by other contractors.  You could spend a lot more but you won’t find any better, and honest people to work with.

    Richard R
  • Eric & his team at NexGen are fantastic to work with. They have a very high quality product & excellent service. Our solar energy system was custom designed based on our energy usage history – our system will totally pay for itself in about 5 years. We expect to save about $125K during the 20 year warrantee period because our net electric bill will be ZERO – this is huge because our investment in our own home late system will pay us much higher returns than the same $$ invested in a moderate stock/bond portfolio. This is a great way to save money. My advice??? Call Eric today!

    Bob K
  • They installed a 29 panel set up on our house.  Very professional.  SCE took a while to get their paperwork through (Eric kept on top of it) and they did not even mention payment until we were happy.   I wish I knew it would be that easy.  We are generating and very happy.

    Tracy T
  • First of all Eric is honest straightforward with no hidden costs.  His price target was on the money. Eric took the bull by the horns and got the job done in less time than promised. He even replaced a bunch of pre-existing broken composite roof tiles to boot. I’m extremely grateful for knowing Eric and his team. I had no problem handing him over the cash for a job well done.  What is the result you ask? Well so far we’ve had a negative bill almost every month except December, which was $75. I think it was gloomy and the Christmas lights stayed on the whole time.  I just feel sorry for the poor schmucks that go to the big solar companies and pay a lease for the power they generate. That is where they stick it to you.

    Don T
  • Eric and his team were AWESOME!  Our Solar quest was two years, and we kept backing off because everyone was “selling” and confusing (yes, selling a lease in some instances, or the opportunity with an “independent” energy company – uugghh).  Anyway, this last go around I dwindled the prospects down to four, made appts and listened to three… and we didn’t even hesitate to go with Eric.  HONEST, informative, and he listened to us.  We were installed in less than three weeks and are so happy.  If you are “shopping” give Eric & Nexgen a consideration, you will not be disappointed.  He earns all of these 5-star ratings I found before we hired him, and I am so happy I wanted to add one myself.   Thanks Eric & crew!!!

    Carla M
  • Eric and the team at NexGen took great care of my solar installation.  Planning and communication was great.  When there was a snag at the city, it got handled quickly and without hassle.  The prices were appropriate, the service was flawless and they are local enough to be accessible.  I sincerely encourage you to use NexGen if you are considering a Solar installation.

    Scott C
  • I have nothing but good things to say about Eric and Nexgen Solar. I called him early April and asked for a quote. We discussed leasing vs. purchase and I decided to purchase the panels. He came to my house and made some measurements and 2 weeks later, he told me he was going to install the panels. The crew was punctual and clean and most importantly – very respectful. They finished the install in 3 days. By the 4th day, SCE was there inspecting. We got approved right away so I am producing electricity!!! I can monitor the electricity produced by the panels every hour of the day if I want to. Compare that to my neighbor, who leased the panels. Installed five months ago and still not approved.


    Johnny S
  • Had a very good experience with this company. Eric was a very capable electrican. Installed my inverter and even waited out a rain storm to complete the work . Good job and completed in a very timely fashion.  The company has stayed in contact and Eric has made sure that all components are working properly.

    Joe B
  • We went solar in May, and I can’t say enough great things about our experience with Nex-Gen.  Eric, the owner, is fantastic!  He is patient and answered all my questions (sometimes a couple of times).  He gave me an initial quote after talking to me for awhile on the phone, and then came on out to make sure we were good candidates for solar (not too much shade, etc.)  Next, he walked me through all of their guarantees.  I feel very safe and confident that we have the very best coverage and support that we could have hoped for!  The crew was just as great.  They finished right when they said they would, and the whole process was far less disruptive than I expected. Our first bill was $3.56.  WOW!

    Trisha M
  • My quest for a solar system took almost two years.  During that time the one name that kept coming up as THE company to go with was NexGen Construction.  Eric was informative, educated me about aspects of solar with which I was unfamiliar, but thankfully there was never any sales pitch or pressure.  Eric presented a review of how many panels we would need to be practically self-sufficient, a graph of expected solar production, and written guarantees for the panels and inverters used. The job on the house took 5 working days, final inspection on Day 6, and permission from Edison to operate granted on Day 8.  Kudos to Eric and his crew!  The guys arrived on time and they were amazing.

    Joyce K
  • This company is extremely honest and reliable. The actual owner of the company is the person who comes to your home to sit down and speak with you. The OWNER not some salesperson actually told us that it wasn’t cost worthy for US to get solar because our current electricity usage is actually very low because of a CARE program we are on. He didn’t try to talk us into buying something we didn’t need just for his own profit and he was up front and honest about why we wouldn’t be saving money. AGAIN NOT because solar isn’t awesome but because we are on a low rate plan with Edison. Other companies tried to pressure us into leasing and never once told us we wouldn’t really benefit. WOW just WOW

    Melissa D
  • This experience could not be better ! After checking around  we decided to stay local with NexGen Construction. It was a great pleasure to deal with Mr. Eric Helgeson. He explained the process, the timeline, costs etc. . No ” BS “, straight forward, very professional. After we sealed the deal he inspected our roof, got the necessary permits and his crew started the installation. We are still amazed how quick everything went down ( 2 weeks from the moment we shook hands to going Green ! ) and not a single ” hiccup “. Thanks again to Eric and his crew for an outstanding job !!!  The Stiller family, Los Alamitos.

    Rainer S
  • I began researching solar in June, partly because my daughter and son-in-law had installed panels on their new home and partly because I expected to come into some cash shortly that needed to be invested somewhere.

    NexGen was one of the first companies I contacted. Maybe even contacted them too soon–I was still doing my research and did not have the money yet. But that was not a problem. Eric answered all my questions and did not pressure me for any action. In fact, I really learned a lot about solar from Eric. He is quite knowledgeable and very willing to share that knowledge.

    He sent me a preliminary proposal which sat around while I continued my research. I finally narrowed down my choices and NexGen was one of the final three. Eric came out to my home and surveyed the install. He revised his proposal plan so that it both met my solar generation targets and my wife’s ascetic concerns. He left me with a revised proposal and four local references.

    Everyone of the references I spoke with had high praise for both Eric and the work his company did for them. For me that coupled with his proposal was a clincher. I called him and we agreed a deal over the phone. When I asked when he wanted his initial deposit he said he would stop by after filing the plan with the City.

    We are still executing the plan Eric provided. This week my new service panel was installed and the solar arrays connected. Next week is rough inspection, so things should be wrapping up shortly.

    First update: Right now we are generating about three times the power we are using. (Of course, the day is not hot, so the AC is not running.) Eric was out today to prepare for the stucco work around the new service panel.

    Second update: All done but for waiting on the bureaucracy, then I will start getting credit for the extra power I am now giving SCE. But even without that I will have a significant bill reduction for August.

    Stephen B
  • I used Nexgen 2 years ago to have solar installed.  My savings have been amazing!! My electric bill for the whole year the first year was $625 and the second year $550.  My bills used to be $350 a month in the summer and $250 most ither months.  I couldn’t be happier.  Eric the owner is great.  Totally honest, responsive and did great job.  He is also a general contractor and after our solar i had him do some work inside the house.  I had 3 companies bid my solar and the other 2 were like used car salesman, Eric was nothing like that.  Eric gave me a long list of refernces and I called numerous references and they all had great things to say too.  I highly recommend him.

    Leslie S
  • I had a consultation with Eric and heis as professional but on a friendly level as it gets.  I have not agreed to purchase anything and he never once was rude or tried to act like he was reading if I was interested.  He doesn’t try to sell you.  He educates you based on what your energy usage is. Goes very indepth about solar and the benefits.  My wife and i are definitely considering NexGen as our solar company.  If you are looking for solar I suggest you don’t make a decision until you have a consultation with him.

    James M
  • After doing extensive research about the many, many companies that offer solar installation, we narrowed the choices by reading reviews on the usual review sites, and going to company websites. All the companies we considered offered free onsite estimates. Many had somewhat mixed comments. NexGen Construction, however, had seemingly impeccable reviews. I visited their website, and submitted information for a generalized analysis, which was sent to me by email. Eric, the owner, called me to discuss my query. I was very pleasantly surprised with his demeanor and generous time spent answering many questions. We discussed everything from decisions about type of equipment, design of system capacity, general usage history and patterns, changing time of usage, e.g., pool filter pump timing. Every response from Eric was thoughtful, informed and made me feel that his goal was to see we ended up with exactly the right system, design, capacity and results we desired. By contrast, one of the other companies we contacted kept emphasizing that they could beat any bid from any competitor — without considering our needs. For example, Eric described the difference between string and micro-inverters, and the pros and cons of each. That turns out to be a critical subject, as we want minimum maintenance (string inverters have a shorter life), maximum information (micro-inverters allow individual panel performance, real-time, but cost more)., To cut the system cost, ‘we can beat any other bid’ salesman steered us to string inverters. For another example, Eric showed us how building to 80% of our apparent need would result in (substantially) 100% offset to our bill, simply by usage adjustments. Other bidders were happy to sell us all the panels that we could fit on our roof. Fortunately, after Eric educated us, and after we did further research, armed with Eric’s info, we found Eric was absolutely spot-on. His advice helped meet our needs.

    After signing the contract, Eric quickly scheduled site engineering, and everything after flowed quickly and flawlessly. Great install crew who knew their stuff; neat, quick, clean, polite. Always called before showing up; always explained any delay (waiting for a city inspector), careful attention to detail (conduit aligned properly, and not haphazardly attached).  Three weeks after first meeting Eric, we are producing solar, and are able to monitor it – panel by panel, total system output, updated every five minutes, with historical data that can be played to show effect of clouds that showed up, moved on, etc. Fantastic!!  And, my SCE bill forecast is plummeting (even though we’ve only recently turned the system on). What excitement to see the SCE meter showing the usage indicator pointing to the street, meaning, the electricity is flowing from our system to the grid, and not from the grid into our house.

    As for Eric and NexGen Construction, I couldn’t be more satisfied. Five stars doesn’t go far enough to express our satisfaction.

    Bryce L
  • If you are tired of paying soaring Edison bills this company is top notch. Honest and reliable from start to finish. Eric and his team are great. They are all very professional and do a great job. They go above and beyond to ensure that the job is done quickly. The only regret I have is that we didn’t call them sooner! Thank you NexGen construction for all your hard work!

    C F
  • We just had 26 panels installed by NexGen.  Eric and his team did an excellent job of installing these panels with no exterior “plumbing”, which makes the entire job look much cleaner.  They also relocated some plumbing vents on the roof to allow for a continuous run of panels, instead of a panel here and a panel there to accommodate the existing vent locations.

    Eric did a great job of instructing on the ins and outs of solar, sharing with SCE, and differing rate structures.  His crew arrived when they promised, they were friendly and professional; they even did a good job of cleaning up after each of the days they were here.

    Eric and NexGen also did some electrical repairs for us at no added cost.  They even have promised to come clean the panels when requested (a much-appreciated perk for someone my age!)
    My wife and I are very pleased with NexGen and the work they did.  We would recommend them to anyone who asks.

    Paul W
  • If there were 6 stars, I would give NexGen a 6 star rating!.  We have had our solar for over 2 years and I am thrilled with the energy savings, money savings, service, etc.   I researched solar for many months and attended an Edison seminar so that I would be knowledgeable.  Here is why you should use NexGen.  Eric is not a salesman.  He is the business.  He is the one who will come out, find out what you need/want and help you to understand what all are the options.  He won’t over sell.  Eric is an excellent teacher. He was the only rep that helped us understand what would be best for us.  We were able to get American made panels.  We were able to make repairs to our roof as part of the project and benefit from the Federal and Edison rebates to the fullest.  Service was EXCELLENT.  He did what he said he would do and he did it on time.  Since we went online with our solar, our largest bill has been $1.91 to Edison.  Our monthly cost (we used our own line of credit) is less than what we paid Edison before and we will be paid off in less than 5 years.  From then on, our total out of pocket will be $1.91 per month.  Plus we get a rebate annually from Edison.    I have referred 5 friends to NexGen and all 5 have selected NexGen for their solar projects.  Can’t get much better than that!

    Joanne L
  • We installed our solar panels with NexGen in June.  Eric, the owner, is incredibly easy to speak to and is not a hard sell salesperson which was great.  He is very knowledgeable and answered all my questions.  His crew was friendly and neat during installation and went beyond what they had to do by replacing roof tiles broken during fumigation.  The best part is our electric bill.  Our first complete month came in and it was $1.38.  Working with NexGen on this project has bee so easy and the results are incredible.  I would recommend NexGen to anyone looking into solar.

    Becky S
  • NexGen installed our panels eight months ago, and we have been very pleased with both the process and the results.  We had investigated solar and a new roof about five years earlier contacting the highly recommended company which had done the installations for a client of mine who had built a completely off the grid home.  When a sub-contractor who was sent to give the company an estimate on removing our old roof told us privately that we still had another five years left in our roof, we dropped the project and were subjected to quite a bit of high pressure selling from the solar company.

    This year it became obvious that it was time for a new roof.  The roofer highly recommended by neighbors had Eric talk to us.  Working with him was a pleasure, and everything has worked out as he explained.  There was not any pressure to oversell a system and he and his men worked well in co-ordination with the roofers.  I have recommended them to other friends.

    Shirley R
  • My Wife and I met with Eric today about purchasing a solar system from NexGen. He couldn’t have been more helpful. He answered all of our questions and gave us an excellent presentation on how solar works and the savings we will see on our electricity for years to come. We’ve looked at other companies and NexGen has risen to the top because of Eric’s attention to detail.

    Randy B
  • NexGen installed our Solar Panels in August of 2010.  We received several quotes and decided to go with NexGen because they were the most professional in their presentation.  Eric does not hard sell you, he gives you many options and his estimates of performance are not over stated.  The installation was very smooth, all the employees are very polite.  Each day Eric informed us what was happening that day, he kept us well informed of the process from the start to finish.  Since SCE put us online we have not paid one electricity bill.

    Karen J
  • We have had solar installed by Eric for over a year now. Installation was clean and detailed, exceeding expectations. Our system has been outperforming Eric’s estimate reducing our monthly power bill from $230 to $40. This yields a true 5 year payback.

    Robert M
  • WOW WOW WOW – I can’t express my gratitude to Eric and his Crew from the first call for a very thorough email quote to the last visit walking is through how our solar will work and how we can follow the production of solar!!! We fell like we an extended family!!!! The professionalism and the knowledge that Eric has is impeccable!! My uncle being a senior and has been take advantage of Eric came in and walked him through every step of the process and put it in terms so that he could understand what is going on and the product he will receive!!! MAHALO NUI LOA for an awesome job done and most importantly taking care of my uncle when he at time in his life (senior) where companies take advantage of him!!!

    Tina M
  • I just had NexGen Construction install an additional solar system on my house. I called them up on Monday and talked to Eric to get an estimate, and the installation was complete on Weds of the same week! I have 5 new solar panels with micro-inverters. If you are thinking of going solar, now is the time. The installed price per KW for this system is about half what I paid 12 years ago for my first system, and the technology is much better. NexGen was responsive and did a beautiful job with the install.

    Fodog V