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Archie T. – Orange, CA

Short version: NexGen Construction was great from start to finish. Customer service to quality install, and after install support.

Long version: I had already intended to expand my solar system and get home batteries, but when NEM 3.0 was announced I wanted to get it done sooner to stay on NEM 2.0. I contacted a few companies, but NexGen was the one that impressed me the most. Eric came out to give me a quote and detailed the timeline and what would be done to stay on NEM 2.0, and also thoroughly explained all the equipment and features. It was an easy choice to pick them for the project.

During install there were a few issues. With a project of this size and adding to an already existing system, it would’ve been more surprising if there were zero hiccups. More important than everything being smooth is how a company responds when things don’t go as planned. NexGen did an amazing job of staying on top of the unexpected things and keeping me informed. They stand by the contract and stand by their work. At no point was i concerned that the end result would not satisfy me.

And satisfactory would be an understatement. All the employees of NexGen were friendly and courteous. The work done was outstanding. All the cabling and wall mounting looks great. They were even able to run the conduits above the ceiling for a cleaner look. The system looks great and performs great.

Another reason I picked them was that they have been around a while. I didn’t want to pick a company that might not be around in a few years if systems arises. I’m confident that if I ever need support NexGen will be there.

Jodi F. – Los Alamitos

As a homeowner, I was thrilled to discover NexGen Construction’s exceptional solar installation services. Eric, Zach, and their team demonstrated professionalism, knowledge, punctuality, cleanliness, and responsiveness throughout the process.

From the initial consultation to the final installation, Eric and Zach were informative, courteous and proficient. They took the time to understand our needs, explained the installation process and provided valuable insights into the benefits of solar energy. Their expertise and attention to detail were evident in every aspect of the installation.

We wholeheartedly recommend NexGen Construction for any individual or business seeking a reliable, professional and exceptional solar installation service. Don’t hesitate to entrust your solar installation needs to the capable hands of NexGen Construction.

Jon L. – Cypress, CA

Just another 5 star review adding on to the many that NexGen Construction has and deserves. But since my particular project was for batteries adding onto existing solar panels that they did not originally install, I figured I can give my perspective with the service they provided. Without making this review long and boring, let me just say Eric the owner, Rich the office manager and Zach the lead installer (and the rest of the crew) was great to work with from beginning to end. I was anticipating that there might be some issues adding batteries on to an existing system, with not only the installation itself, but with the approval process from Edison and the city. But Eric, Rich and Zach worked as a great coordinated team to get through any obstacles that came up. Anyone who’s been through any type of home construction/remodel knows that nothing is perfect. But it’s how the people you hired responds to those hiccups to make things perfect, is what counts the most. And I can honestly say NexGen Construction exceeded expectations. In regards to value, Eric is upfront and says they are not the cheapest, but they are certainly not the most expensive either. So when it comes to my peace of mind, I’d gladly pay a little more. Go ahead and give them a call, I certainly will when I want to add even more batteries

Nancy L. – Cypress, CA

I had a great experience with Eric Helgeson and NexGen Construction. Eric took the time to thoroughly explain our product options and the process. Their office was also very responsive whenever I had any questions. I’m very satisfied with our solar and how it looks and works. NexGen Construction provided great customer service from beginning to end.

Jim T. – Lakewood, CA

These guys are on top of it like few contractors are today. Great communication, show up exactly when they say, very considerate. I was told by other solar customers that it takes weeks and even months before Edison makes the connection and we start banking electricity… Ours was on within a week! These guys know how to fill out the paperwork properly. Zach is a first rate supervisor!

Jason R. – Buena Park, CA

I’ve wanted solar for several years.  After having several different solar contractors come to our house, going over pamphlets, and promising ‘freedom from the grid’ we ultimately picked one that we felt best suited our needs.  Long story short, that company didn’t pan out as they mapped out our roof and were concerned with a shed we had in our backyard.

Knowing all of this, I felt like the best option for us was to find a contractor in our area who was familiar with our cities planning department and had knowledge of, not just solar, but construction.  I found Eric and his company on yelp, and like all of his introductory clients, he scheduled a consultation with me.

I didn’t know at the time that we had reached out to Eric that NEM 2.0 was all the rage and people were rushing through solar contractors to get contracted and locked in to NEM 2.0… I didn’t even know what NEM meant!  But Eric took the time to walk me through ALL of my questions when we initially met – everything from construction fidelity on our property to solar efficiency, to electric bill expectations and learning SCE verbiage… Eric took the time to talk to me.

As we met, his phone was ringing off the hook.  We met in the afternoon between 4-5 and his phone was going off!  I appreciated how much information Eric knew, and there wasn’t any pressure to book with his company after the initial consultation.

We ultimately booked with Eric as he was quick to respond and very helpful with answering all of our questions.

TECHNOLOGY RELATED – All of the info about a solar proposal, panels to be used, and a breakdown of expense for us as homeowners was detailed in a very easy-to-use online portal.  I appreciate when companies speak the language of the times and offer convenient, 24-hour access to plans we’ve discussed over the phone or in person.

CONSTRUCTION PROCESS – Once our date was set (we were backed out 2-3 months from our initial date because of the whole NEM 2.0 thing).  Eric and his team did as other teams in the past did with us, they mapped out our roof, but one thing that Erics team did differently was process our goals and future needs for solar as well as discuss some of the unique logistic issues for our property (e.g. we have dogs roaming around the backyard, we have various construction projects going on in our backyard, etc.).

On the day of construction, Erics team showed up on time and they DID WORK.  They were here from about 8am-2pm, and I was blown away at home much they got done.  They had a team outside who were setting up the brackets for the solar, and a guy inside the attic running wires/conduit for several hours, and others prepping and handing tools and product to the team on the roof.  They finished setting up the solar panels in 2 work days!  That was ridiculously faster than I had expected!

FOLLOW UP – The job wasn’t done when solar was installed.  Eric regularly kept me posted with what was going on including when the city inspector would come, and when his workers would come to meet the inspector.

After everything was cleared, I reached out to Eric several times for follow up, and even as some companies in my past experience would leave me on ‘read’ after the job was done and payment was complete… Eric didn’t treat us that way.  He continued to process my questions (I have a lot!! Probably more than most people) and didn’t give me any kind of inclination that I was bothersome.

After having some bogus contractors in the past for various projects in our home… I really appreciate Eric’s patience in dealing with us and providing us such an excellent service and product!

If any of my friends talk about solar, I’m quick to herald what an amazing experience I had with NexGen construction!  This was the least stressful, most informative, and cordial team we’ve worked with on this homeowning journey.

If you have any specific questions for me about my experience as it may pertain to you… I’d be happy to field them!

Gary G. – Los Alamitos, CA

I just had NexGen Construction install solar.  Eric and his crew are the best! Everything done perfectly, works great!

Tom T. – Long Beach, CA

It was a real pleasure to work with NexGen Construction. The owner (Eric) personally met with us at our home and gave us a quote right on the spot. After the contract was signed,They put everything in writing that was going to happen. once things got going, they went right down the list and completed right on time. You owe it to yourself to talk to Eric when getting solar quotes.

Michael J. – Seal Beach, CA

Eric Helgeson and his team at NexGen Construction came recommended and lived up to the expectations I had.

I researched and met with several solar installers and chose NexGen Construction based on neighbors who had a great experience. Eric’s team set up a proposal and Eric went over the details and answered all my questions. The price was competitive with other offers I had received.  I appreciated  Eric did not try and up sell me to a larger system. He was honest that the goal was to make the solar investment pay for itself.

The NexGen Construction install team was awesome. Extremely polite in communicating what they were going to do, what they needed / access, and making sure I was comfortable with the job. The install was clean and Eric followed up with a walkthrough to go over all the functions and best use practices.

I whole heartedly recommend NexGen Construction for anyone looking at home solar.

Scott S. – Los Alamitos, CA

I highly recommend Eric and his team.

Andrew and Patti. – Bellflower, CA

NexGen Construction deserves more than 5 stars, I would rate them as a 10+. If you are looking for solar, you deserve the best so hire the best, which is NexGen Construction. When we decided to install solar, I started by researching ratings of all solar installers in my area. I narrowed down the list to 6 companies after reviewing each company web site. NexGen Construction has the most clear and understandable website with all of the pros and cons of all options. If you want to know about solar, read their website. When someone asks me about solar, I tell them to go and read their website. Eric, who is the owner, has a great online video there. After receiving bids and speaking to all the other 5 companies, Eric came to my house and made sure I understand all of the options. We reviewed all the panels from each company they install and talked about pros and cons of each one. He answered all my questions. The other companies had to get back to me with answers. Dealing directly with the owner who knows his business was a big plus. At the end of the presentation, Eric told me to let him know if they can help us out. I told him at the meeting, they had my solar job. My wife and I discussed this after the install, and we clearly made the best decision going with Eric’s team. When the installation happened, Zach and his team showed up on time and were very professional. I knew all was going to be good when Zach told me that he treats everyone’s house as if it was his own house. You can tell when you look at my solar from how level they set the panels, to how they ran wiring through my attic so I have no pipes running across my roof. All of the panels are set together and we have no gaps between panels. They also upgraded my electrical panel, and it looks great. When they opened the wall of the new panel, they discovered that whoever changed out the previous panel, had damaged the structure support so they fixed it, so it was done right. My wife and I are so happy with the solar. People keep stopping by and asking us questions as the work quality is noticed. Again, if you want the best, hire the best, go with NexGen Construction.

Jim M. – Long Beach, CA

We just recently used NexGen Construction owned by Eric Helgeson.  Eric came to the house and sat down with us and explained everything very clearly.  He tries to meet your electricity needs without overselling you with unnecessary solar panels.  Eric quoted us 14 panels and other quotes we received ranged from 16-19 panels.  His crew was great to work with and they completed the whole installation in 1 day.  They handled all of the dealings with the city and SCE.

Russell W. – Long Beach, CA

We selected NexGen Construction for our residential solar project mainly because we liked the idea of dealing with a smaller local company. That worked out great! Eric, the president, came to the house and did our estimate personally. Despite dealing with a rush of business due to the impending NEM 2.0 deadline, NexGen Construction kept in touch with us throughout the process. They started our job sooner than expected, and sent enough people to get it done quickly. The job passed final inspection on the first try, and there were no hitches with Edison in getting our Permission to Operate (apart from a few weeks’ delay on So Cal Edison’s part due to their being swamped with applications). There was some minor cosmetic damage to our ceiling during the installation process (probably unavoidable due to our open beam ceilings), but the NexGen Construction folks came back and repaired that the following week. So far the system has performed great for January; can’t wait to see what it does in high summer! Overall the process of getting solar went much more smoothly than we expected, and all the NexGen Construction people were highly professional and a pleasure to work with throughout.

John S. – Lakewood, CA

I am very pleased with the quality work that Eric and all of his team provided,  It was great working with a local company.  The willingness to come out to our home and meet with us was a great benefit, it is becoming harder to find personalized service with all of the fly by night companies and phone sales these days.  Eric spent time with me explaining all of the panel and equipment options, also looking at our annual electrical usage data to right size the system before providing an accurate quote.  Once we decided to move forward NexGen Construction took care of everything, the permits, solar installation, electrical panel replacement, stucco repair, communication with Edison regarding Net Metering, electrical panel upgrades, and Edison connection to the new service panel.  It all came together just as I would have hoped.  NexGen Construction was very professional throughout the project completing all of the necessary work without delay.  It was refreshing to work with everyone.

Caren B. – Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

Contemplating the installation of new solar panels can feel somewhat daunting. Putting in a new roof can also feel the same.

We were looking to install BOTH new solar panels along with a much needed new roof, back to back. We hoped to find a roofing and a solar company who could work together and coordinate on the placement of the solar panels to minimize cutting into the new roof.

We knew Eric H. had previously and successfully worked with a separate roofing company on other projects. When Eric came over, he was very informative, thorough and patient in his presentation. He really took the time to explain the vast details regarding solar and we appreciated his straightforward calmness. We also drove by other homes with solar panels that NexGen Construction had installed and liked what we saw.

During the entire process, we felt very comfortable. Eric and his crew were wonderful.  He promptly answered any questions we had and was extremely responsive. His crew was always courteous and professional, too.  Even after the install was complete and we were all set up with the electric company, Eric came over and showed us how to access our information to track our production and usage. Shortly after, we received a reach out from NexGen Construction to ask how everything was going. Such incredible follow up.

Several of our neighbors have already approached us remarking on how good both the new roof and solar panels look. They’ve asked us for their contact information which we happily provided.

Our solar panels are Solaria. Sleek looking. No grid lines.

Both NexGen Construction and the roofing company worked so well together that we posted a recommendation for that company as well, in a separate review.

Tommy H. – Long Beach, CA

NexGen Construction installed solar panels at my house recently. The reason why I chose this company versus the other companies that I contacted to do estimates was because they are a local company. Eric the owner showed up at my house promptly to meet with me and explain the process of solar panel install from A thru Z. He was very detailed and up-front with reviewing with of how the system works, pros and cons. He was not trying to sell me anything, he was mainly letting me know what my needs are based on my SCE bill and provide me with options, the rest is up to me to decide. Install crew were very professional, organized and clean. They didn’t leave any mess around the house and roof, they are also very accommodating and flexible with scheduling. They were able to install my solar system sooner that I expected as well! I have my solar panel for a little over a month now and I’m very pleased with the results. My electrical bill for this current billing cycle is only $61, but we are in winter now so I’m expecting that this number will be lower in coming months….. thank you NexGen Construction!

Chris E. – Long Beach, CA

We decided about 6 weeks ago that we finally wanted to have solar installed. After getting tired of the pressured sales tactics of the big outfits, I turned to Yelp to find a local company that had good reviews. It was quickly obvious that NexGen Construction should be my next call. I had an appointment with Eric (the owner) a few days later where he spent almost two hours explaining the benefits (many) and the drawbacks (none, really) of the modern solar systems, as well as the history of his company. They are Long Beach born and bred and were one of the first to do residential solar in the city. This level of experience shows in every aspect of the work. From first convo to final sign off with SCE was less than 6 weeks. His crew are total professionals with great friendly attitudes. I had zero concerns leaving my home open to them while working even when no one was home. They were always available to answer my calls or texts, and as Eric says, we’re now part of the family. I have zero concerns about his team being available to deal with any issues that might come up. Our system is pretty big at 28 panels, and will be generating 108% of our annual energy usage. The system itself was extremely cleanly designed and installed….from the panels themselves to the upgraded breaker and sub panels that were required. I really can’t say enough great things about the whole team. I’m almost bummed that we won’t have a need to hire them twice! Thanks NexGen Construction!

Sam B. – Cypress, CA

We spoke to a number of different solar companies before signing with NexGen Construction. The sales, installation and commissioning process were extremely well managed and completed quickly. We have also had the opportunity to engage with them for some support questions after our system was installed and were pleasantly suprised to have quick responses and thorough support as we learned the management interface for our system.

Don K. – Long Beach, CA

We just completed our Solar installation. After having checked out other companies, it was a no brainer to select NexGen Construction. Owner Eric Helgeson came to our house to thoroughly explain everything and even encouraged us to research his competition, which I had already done. There is no upsell, no pressure, no negative aspect to any of his presentation or approach. It was an easy conversation with all options explained. Initially, our estimate was for a 2-3 day install, but the crew, led by foreman Zach, was done in one day plus three hours the next day. I made the decision in early September to get solar, did my research. called NexGen Construction, and less than three weeks into October we were done. I highly recommend Eric and NexGen Construction. From the owner to the crew, they’re all incredibly professional.

Stephen B. – Long Beach, CA

We used NexGen Construction last fall and they were amazing. Price was fair and Eric Helgeson took the time to sit down with us and explain all the options. High-end vs. less high-end panels and parts, battery backup vs. generator, system size, realistic expectations of energy savings, paying cash vs. financing. No hard sales pitch, just great info and answers to any and all questions we had. They helped set us up with very reasonable financing through a credit union since we didn’t want to lay out all the cash at once. Installation was quick, the guys were very polite, and they left absolutely no mess. I would highly, highly recommend. Whenever we’ve had a question since, they’ve always been quick to respond and very helpful. The panels look great and we haven’t had any issues at all.

Kathleen H. – Long Beach, CA

Eric and his crew were the most professional group to work with. They were on time, cleaned up every day, and most importantly, installed a solar system with back up batteries that is state of the art.  I highly recommend this company.

Lori P. – Los Alamitos, CA

Fantastic service!!! Eric is so honest & trustworthy. His crew is polite & professional. They kept everything clean the whole time. I highly recommend them.

Josh C. – Cypress, CA

If you want solar, these are the people to contact. They’re knowledgeable, responsive and fair. We’ve had nothing but a great experience with them and highly recommend them to anyone who wants to go solar (pro tip: don’t wait any longer and go with NexGen Construction. Solar’s a great investment and this is far-and-away the best company to use to “take the plunge” if you will.).

Bill H. – Buena Park, CA

I chose NexGen Construction to do our solar and battery installation. The owner of NexGen Construction, Eric Helgeson, was the only one out of three installers I called to come out to our house with his laptop and survey exactly what we were dealing with. While he was here, we went over exactly what goals we were looking to accomplish by getting solar and lay out the system based on what those needs were.

The other installers all Googled what my roof looked like and guessed at what my needs were and what would fit where. Because of that “hands off” approach, I assumed there were going to be some unexpected or hidden costs that would have come up. With NexGen Construction, there were no hidden costs. I signed on the proverbial dotted line, and the price I was quoted was the price I paid. The crew that installed everything was patient and professional and I could see they all treated each other like family… the lead guy Zack even didn’t mind me hovering around during most of the project and patiently answered my dumb electrician questions. The Enphase hardware they install is just excellent and is hands down better than that other company’s gear… you know, the one that makes electric cars and is named after that mad scientist. Eric even introduced me to the regional Enphase rep while he was here…

We’ve been running our system for a few months now with zero problems, so this review is overdue. One of the measurements I use to gauge a good company is “if I’m pleased with them, would I promote them by wearing their t-shirt?”. With NexGen Construction, the answer is “yes”.

Jim D. – Los Alamitos, CA

We just had Eric Helgeson and NexGen Construction install 26 new solar panels. I would highly recommend using NexGen Construction for your solar needs. Eric is the owner and is highly knowledgeable about solar, being a contractor I could tell Eric knew what he was talking about. He has a great presentation he answered every question we had so when he left we felt like we had the knowledge to make a educated decision on our solar project. We had a couple of other Solar companies stop by and none of them made me comfortable. Plus his prices are very competitive. The process was very easy and it only took 2 days to finish. Thanks.

Allison F. – Seal Beach, CA

We had a great experience with NexGen Construction. Eric explained everything honestly and answered all of our questions. The prices were fair and the installation process was seamless. A battery wasn’t necessary for us at this time but Eric can talk you through the pros and cons to help you decide. We really appreciated that he didn’t try to upsell us to extra equipment we didn’t need.

Ken W. – Buena Park, CA

We used NexGen Construction in Los Alamitos. We have been very happy with our system.

Rob B. – Long Beach, CA

Job required re-roofing before solar upgrade installation. Solar team’s coordination with the roofing company was seamless. Additional solar panels and battery installation were timely, professional and attractively positioned. Installation team members were pleasant to have on the property and were always ready to answer questions. After sales support has been great!

Jason R. – Bellflower, CA

My journey to get Solar has been long. I got quotes from 6 of the top rated companies on Yelp and met with them all in person.

From the first point of contact with Eric from NexGen I knew that they would be doing my solar so long as the price was not ridiculous. Long story short it was not and I went with them. Eric spent a lot of time via phone calls, text, and emails answering my questions and going over several options for system size and type of equipment. Eric and his team are extremely knowledgeable about all things solar and are a pleasure to work with.

I went with an 8.39 kW system with 23 REC365AA black panels, Enphase IQ7PLUS Inverter. The installation was smooth and fast and from time the project started till the time i got my permit to operate was 5 days!!!

I have now had the system for about 2 months and could not be happier with the results. The estimated solar output was spot on if not a little over. If you are looking for a honest, reliable, great solar team look not further!!!

Nathan C. – Huntington Beach, CA

My quest for Solar began talking with 2 of my friends who recently installed systems on their homes. Both said, “you need to contact Eric at Nexgen Construction”. Eric came to the house and we discussed OUR needs and expectations with Solar. He explained 3 different systems they could install with the pros and cons of each. We went with a mid level system based on warranty, functionality and cost. His office contacted me next with required forms for the project and they handled all city permits and approval to operate with SC Edison. When day of installation arrived a team of 4 employees quickly got started placing 14 panels on the roof being most careful not to break the integrity of the shingles. The entire install took 3 days and each of the crew were very professional. Once we were up and running Eric came back to explained the monitoring system and how to read my new Edison bill. Overall a great experience and I would recommend use of their company. Just tell Eric, “Nathan told me to contact you”.

Kim H. – Long Beach, CA

We read a lot of neighbors’ reviews about NexGen Construction, and we had a fantastic experience with them. We love our panels!

Dieter H. – Los Alamitos, CA

We had a fantastic experience with NexGen Construction. We had a large project done at our house with lots of panels and 3 batteries. Their crew came to the house and completed the job efficiently and without any problems. We did have an issue with our Envoy not working properly at first (which was a software problem, not any fault of NexGen Construction), Eric worked hard with the company and was able to fix the issue quickly. Our system is amazing and works flawlessly. They are very responsive and will answer emails and phone calls almost immediately. The majority of the paperwork and dealing with Southern California Edison is handled by them which really makes the experience stress-free. Great company with great people. Thank you guys!

Colin D. – Long Beach, CA

Excellent from start to finish! They are professional, explain everything, and get the job done quickly and on time. They don’t upsell (they clearly explained the benefits, costs, and break-even timing). I went with them over Tesla because NexGen Construction offered better equipment (and warranty), and were reachable before, during, and after install.

Jean O. – Seal Beach, CA

They are a very thorough company. Eric and his team explained all phases of the solar installation. The installation was completed on time and on the last day, we started generating solar energy. I appreciate the work they did and the friendly service we received.

Bryce L. – Orange, CA

We had Eric install solar for us about six years ago. This year we wanted to add some panels and battery backup, and obviously called NexGen. Eric patiently walked us through a complete cost/benefit analysis and explained pros and cons for us to consider. After we made our decisions and signed our contract many things started to happen that we were so grateful to have Eric and his team on top of. Rebate qualification? Done! Coordination with SCE? Done! Permit approval? Done! Installation, system check and follow-up inspection by Eric? Done, done and done! NexGen, Eric and his entire team (the second time we’ve had the pleasure of Zack as site foreman) are all pro. Their pricing is competitive. Their service is fantastic. Delivery was on time.

Greg H. – Long Beach, CA

We had nexgen install solar panels recently, and we had an awesome experience. They were so helpful and informative. Their work was efficiently done, and they’ve gone above and beyond what we expected. And they’re a local company. I highly recommend reaching out to them.

Kevin K. – Garden Grove, CA

I am completely satisfied with the entire process of my solar electric system project.  After being hesitant about going forward with quotes from a few of the large companies, I called NexGen based on all the great reviews on Yelp.
I had a phone consultation with Eric and his advice seemed logical. He gave me options of different costs and equipment. I wanted the best so it would last and give me trouble free energy, and it wasn’t much more money.
I went with REC Alpha panels with Enphase micro-inverters and a new 200 amp electric main panel. The system is working fantastic. You can see each solar panel’s electric output in 15 minute increments on an app or computer program.

Why you should consider NexGen Construction

1. They call back promptly if they don’t actually answer your phone call.
2. Job was finished promptly and all authorizations / inspections completed within 45 days (Up and running with SCE approval -Permission to Operate. Not a promise but that was my timeline)
3. Everyone was very considerate, professional, and accurate. They would tell you when they would arrive (they would be on time) and the install plan for the day.
4. Top quality panels and equipment used. Installation procedure is a clean look (no cables running over the roof) Modern look all black panels. Great job Zack.

Thank you NexGen

Matthew V. – Long Beach, CA

Eric and his team did a great job with our home solar installation project. The entire project ran smoothly with Eric making himself available throughout the process to answer questions and explain things to us. We appreciate that NexGen is a locally-run business that differentiates itself by offering outstanding customer service. We would enthusiastically recommend NexGen to our friends and neighbors and plan to work with them again in the future on a battery storage installation.

Harvey G. – Long Beach, CA

It was my original intention to obtain three quotes for installation of my residential solar system.  I first contacted Sunrun through Costco. My experience with Costco’s in-store salesman was generally positive. That’s where the positivity ended – right there in the store. He then scheduled a virtual presentation with their technical staff. That presentation did not go well. The technical staff member started off on the wrong foot by asking me to provide info I had already submitted on-line and emailed to the in store salesman. Then she asked me whether I would like a quote for an outright purchase, a loan or a lease. I requested quotes for all three so I could compare alternatives. She said her software could only provide one quote, not three. During the next hour, I asked numerous questions, many of which the tech salesperson was unable to answer (including why she was proposing to place solar panels on the north facing roof of my home). I followed-up our virtual conversation with a detailed email requesting further information. I never heard from Sunrun again.

For my next quote, I reviewed solar contractor recommendations on the social media site Next Door.  After seeing several positive recommendations for NexGen, I decided to contact Owner Eric Helgeson. He promptly scheduled a virtual meeting with me followed by an in-person meeting at my home, at which time his accompanying staff members surveyed and measured my roof in preparation for coming up with a proposed solar layout. Within a few days, Eric presented me with several digital layouts with different panel quantities and locations. Eric then worked closely with me in coming up with an economically optimal design – not one which overproduces more energy than I need at my expense. He also presented battery options to me, but noted that a battery basically doubles the price of the system, while only providing limited back-up power for essential electrical components during an outage. Eric made it clear that purchasing a battery may not be in my best interest given its very high costs. He suggested a better option might be to install a battery at some future time when costs are likely to drop. Costco/Sunrun did not do this. They only tried to sell me a complete system with a battery at double the price. Once Eric and I agreed on an efficient design, the final price was a few thousand dollars less than Costco/Sunrun’s quote (excluding the battery). Eric also uses better quality Enphase equipment and installs micro inverters at each series of panels instead of a single micro inverter for all the panels as Sunrun was proposing (a less costly approach for them but not for the consumer).

So now, per my original intention, it was time to obtain quote No. 3. However, I was so pleased with Eric’s professionalism, honesty and integrity, that I decided to speak to three local references of recent NexGen installations. All were very pleased with his work and had only positive things to say about him and his crew.

instead of getting a third quote, I called Eric and told him the job was his. The contracting process was seamless with all documents being signed on-line electronically. Once the contract was signed, Eric handled all the City permitting and coordination with SCE.

After the City permit was issued, NextGen’s crew began work and completed the project in two and a half days. They showed up at my home at the agreed upon time each morning and cleaned up the job site each day before leaving. No problems arose during the time they were at my house and there were no change orders or other surprises.

When the job was done Eric took the time to answer all my questions and also showed me how to use the Enphase app. The app is very user friendly and can be downloaded onto your smart phone, tablet or computer.

The system has now been operating for two months without any problems.

If you are considering the installation of a solar system, I highly recommend you give Eric a call. He and NexGen will not let you down.

msjenc – Lakewood, CA

After reviewing over 5 different options for solar, I decided on NexGen because of Eric’s no-pressure approach, the time he took to make sure I understood what I was buying and why he proposed my options this way, and his price was competitive for a higher quality system. His install team was efficient, clean and kept me informed the whole time. They handled every aspect of the install, permit and made sure I understood what was occurring. Eric has been available to answer questions even after install and reinforced the trust I placed in him for solar. I couldn’t recommend him highly enough.

B. M. – Long Beach, CA

I had a new roof and Solar system installed roughly two years ago, I have not had one issue. The work was done professionally and looks and works like it did the first day it was installed. Eric (the owner) was super cool and easy to talk to, he was prompt and I’ve referred customers his way ever since. If you are thinking of getting your roof done or getting solar for your house call them.

Eliz E. – Long Beach, CA

This company is the real deal. Solar installation five years ago. Have had a couple issues that ended up not related to the solar system and Eric was still there to help figure out the problem. They are the best, from the first meet to years later. Make yourself happy and feel confident in the long run! Choose NexGen Construction!! You won’t regret it!

Stephen B. – Huntington Beach, CA
2013 install and still going strong.  I started looking into solar in 2013. By chance the first company I contacted was NexGen Construction. At the time I was in the investigative phase, not anywhere near ready to commit to an installation.

Eric Helgeson, NexGen Construction’s owner was very helpful in educating me on solar. He spent this time helping me come up to speed even though he knew I was not ready even to decide if solar was right for me much less sign a contract. This was in June. I spent that month and July checking out installers and confirming that solar was a good investment for me. I winnowed down companies to three candidates.

NexGen Construction gave me a good deal. But more important the dealing with them both in my investigative stage and in the purchasing process made me feel confident in their product and service. I felt it important that my provider was a full service company, not a contractor who relied on fleeting subcontract labor.

It is five years later when I write this review. Three of my friends have also used NexGen Construction for their solar installations. I believe they have also passed down the recommendation to their friends. All of us are totally satisfied with the work and product.

The system has consistently been out performing its estimates by somewhere between 5 and 20 percent a month. My electricity costs are essentially nothing now, so I am saving over $2000 a year. This is based on the cost of electricity five years ago. I have not recomputed based on today’s rates, but rest assured the savings are greater now. These savings are equivalent to a tax free investment that returns better than 10% a year. Where else can you find that kind of a safe investment?

George P. – Cypress, CA

Eric Helgeson did an amazing job educating my wife and me about all the options in products and design. Eric worked very closely with us getting the needed permits from the city. The solar panels have exceeded expectations. I highly recommend that folks seriously consider solar panels and when you decide to move forward, I highly recommended you call Eric at NexGen Construction. Eric and his team of installers are terrific.

Steve B. – Huntington Beach, CA
Great experience with NexGen Construction.  I have talked with multiple solar providers over the last 15 years. Every time the price was more attractive. Several times I was close enough to making a decision that I used Yelp to check out the vendor. I read plenty of horror stories that made me put off making a decision – people not showing up, nobody returning calls, installers where nobody on the crew spoke English, etc.

I picked NexGen Construction because their Yelp reviews were stellar (check them out yourself) and I felt that Eric Helgeson (the president) was a no BS guy I could count on. He didn’t disappoint me. My installation started on Thursday morning and by Friday afternoon I was making electricity. The NexGen Construction crew was a great bunch of guys. Everyone spoke English and happily answered any question I had. The installation is very clean looking with wiring going thru the attic instead of strung across the roof like I’ve seen with so many other solar installations.

The following Monday Eric came by to show me how to monitor my system and answer any remaining questions I had. The HB city inspector came by the same day and signed off on everything. I can’t believe how quickly this all happened. I have total confidence that this guy is going to be there if I have any problems. He always answers his cell and there is no runaround when you try to reach him. The ball is now passed to SCE to do their thing with my billing.

Michael L. – Lomita, CA

Great planning and installation.  We had solar electric for our home and solar thermal installed for our pool. I am attimate about getting what I pay for. NexGen Construction presented a good explanation of how things would work, was at my home when they were scheduled and completed the 2 installations without a hiccup. I would recommend NexGen Construction to anyone considering solar or thermal and looking to save money.

Eric C. – Newport Beach, CA

Eric did a great job on our solar panel installation. Returned phone calls promptly. Recommend him for any solar project.

John M. – Seal Beach, CA

NexGen Construction just completed a fantastic solar installation on our home! We really enjoyed working with Eric, Zack and crew. Working with Eric is like working with family. He provided exceptional customer service from start to finish. We’re very appreciative and the install went great.

Joyce K. – Long Beach, CA

Eric Helgeson at NexGen Construction did our solar. In March I send Edison a check for about $50. That covers city taxes, CA fees, and whatever misc. charges are on my bill for the year. At the end of the year Edison sends me a check for any amount left over and any energy our panels generated that we didn’t use.

Ron C. – Seal Beach, CA

NexGen Construction completed my solar installation about one month ago. As a general contractor, I set very high standards. NexGen easily met and exceeded my expectations. I couldn’t be happier.

Michael S. – Cypress, CA

Eric gave us a bid last year, and updated it when we decided to move forward with the solar project in 2019. NexGen Construction worked seamlessly with the roofing contractor and the fumigation company, and we couldn’t be more pleased with the process and the result. Highly recommend!

Ralph R. – Long Beach, CA

Let There Be Light! I recently had a new solar system installed on my home by NexGen Construction. Working with Eric and his team was a pleasure. From the initial meeting to completion of the project, every step was carefully explained, with all of my questions answered. I needed to have some extensive repairs done to the roof prior to installation of the solar panels and these were performed quickly and efficiently by Robert and his crew. Eric and Robert were kind enough to accommodate me in their busy schedules in order to make sure all work was completed before bad weather moved in. As with any big project, there were some minor glitches, but these were taken care of right away. I really appreciated how clean everyone left the job site each day. What I thought was very helpful was that all of the paperwork for permits and approval by the power company was taken care of for me. After hearing from friends who used other installers about how long it took for their systems to be approved, I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly my system was approved and up and running. Once everything was installed, Eric showed me how to use the system monitoring software which allows you to see how well the system is performing and informs you of any problems. So far, I am very pleased with the results.

D S. – Los Alamitos, CA

(This is going to be a long and detailed review, so buckle up.)

We first got a solar photovoltaic quote from one of the larger companies in the industry.  The quote was fairly reasonable, but the sales rep took sort of a “cookie-cutter” approach, and the system he proposed was not really tailored to our individual needs and wants.  (I think it was largely a software-driven analysis.)

Based on a couple of recommendations from neighbors, we then got a bid from NexGen, a very experienced and successful local company right here in Los Alamitos.  Eric, the owner of the company, came out and spent a lot of time with us asking about our present electricity consumption patterns and our future needs (since we were installing air-conditioning). He prepared three different proposals: one that would take care of 91% of our anticipated power consumption, one that would cover 100%, and one that would cover 120%.

Interestingly, he advocated the smallest of the three proposals, even though that was the lowest-cost alternative (and the least profitable, from his perspective).  He explained that the terms of the Southern California Edison solar power buyback program meant that if we were to generate a lot of extra power and sell it back to Edison, it would take us a long time to recover the extra cost of the surplus solar panels.  Thus, it is smarter to have a system that covers most (but not all) of the homeowner’s annual consumption — much better “ROI” (return on investment).

Frankly, I was very impressed with Eric’s candor.  It was in his interest to “upsell” us, but he refused to do so, even though I was initially in favor of the “bigger is better” theory.

I should also add that we were impressed with his choice of equipment: he uses EnPhase panels, each of which comes with a “micro-inverter.”  By contrast, the larger company’s proposal involved a single “string inverter.”  The problem with one big inverter is that if there are performance problems with any one of the solar panels, the entire system’s productivity is either reduced or eliminated.  With “micro-inverters,” each panel is essentially independent of the others in the array.  (I may have gotten some of this terminology wrong, since I am not an expert, but you get the idea.)

After we accepted NexGen’s bid, their crew came out promptly and did a great job on the installation.  We were getting a new roof at the same time as the solar was installed, and the crew worked well with the roofing contractor to coordinate their projects.  Eric and his technicians were very responsive whenever we had questions or comments.  His chief installer, Zach, was particularly impressive — a real expert.

Just to show this is not a phony “canned” review, I do have one minor complaint – because our home has no attic and no crawl-space, some of the conduit for the solar array had to be strung under the eaves of our house.  There was no way to avoid this, but I wish they had warned us in advance that the cables would be exposed.

The same is true of the new solar circuit breaker box mounted on the wall of our house:  it is required by the building codes, and it is not small.  We will figure out ways to disguise both the conduits and the control panel.  But just be aware that depending on how your house is configured, the installation might look sort of industrial.

So far (after a month or so of operation), the solar array is performing at least as well as advertised, and probably better.  We have not yet gotten an Edison bill that shows our net usage per month, but the data displayed on our new electric meter is very encouraging — the meter runs backward during the day, even when we are running our air conditioner.

In addition to our photovoltaic system, we also had NexGen install a new set of solar thermal panels for our pool.  It is also performing well.

Bottom line:  we are very happy that we went with a local but experienced solar firm.  They have a great reputation in our community, and they have a strong incentive to provide good service in order to maintain that reputation.  I do not think that a bigger company would have been as responsive or as honest.  (Plus, with the big firms, you have to pay for all of their advertising and sales expenses — all of that overhead is baked into the price.)

B. H. – Long Beach, CA

If you are thinking about solar, you should to talk with Nexgen Construction before you sign a contract with somebody else.    Eric Helgeson, the owner, was very helpful with design the system to meet our needs, budget, and the aesthetics of the system and our home. He explained the technical and financial aspects of the project and answered all our questions (several times I think).  Very transparent. No pressure.  When we did decide to go ahead with the project, Zach and the crew did a great job with the install. They just finished installing 16 solar panels on my roof.  Very professional. They let me, and encouraged me, to inspect any portion of the project.  Nexgen is a local with lots of history in the area, not a fly-by-night company.  Highly recommended.

Steven C. – Garden Grove, CA

Eric Helgeson from NexGen Construction came to our house to talk about putting solar on the roof of our house. Eric did a great job discussing with us all of our opinions for the various size systems that would fit our home and electric energy usage, as well as explaining how much each system would potentially save us on our electric bill, and the estimated time frame the system would pay for itself. Eric also went into great detail explaining all of components that make up the PV system that his company installs as well as their warranty and financing options. By the end of Eric’s presentation we knew we wanted to go with NexGen Construction.  Eric’s attention to detail and NexGen Construction’s use of microinverters as well as their use of the pv panels without the grid lines sold us on going with NexGen Construction for our project. We felt the products they install are the latest technology, and the installation crew along with Eric did a fantastic job. We will absolutely recommend NexGen Construction for anyone looking to go Solar.

Geoffrey N. – Lakewood, CA

I cannot say enough great things about NexGen Construction.  From the initial informational get together to the installation and final debriefing, NexGen Construction knocked it out of the park.  Eric and his team are genuine, approachable and honest.  I work the night shift and they went out of their way to accommodate my sleeping pattern and my crazy dogs antics.  Eric was able to personalize the solar system, payment plan and installation to my family and my needs and schedule.  If you are looking to install solar panels, look no further, you cannot go wrong with NexGen Construction!

Gordon H. – Shadow Park, CA

I got my panels from NexGen Construction.  I only had to deal with Eric Helgeson, who does everything (sales, engineering, inspection, programming and pricing).  What I got was higher output panels (less panels).  Also, got micro-inverters (each panel has its own inverter).  Other systems just have one.  Advantage is that I know if each panel is working.

Jeannine B. – Long Beach, CA

I put off writing this review for 3 months, because I wanted to see the impact on our electric bill. Now we can confirm that we are ecstatic with our choice to go solar and use NexGen. We did a lot of studying and comparisons before our purchase. We focused on companies that our friends had used, and been happy with. It came down to a couple of them, but the tie was broken because NexGen uses panels with micro inverters, which appear to be a better choice.
Our prior electric bills were approximately $250 per month, now they are $13, which is essentially tax and fees. We have an electric car, so no more gas or electric bills to drive about 1,000 miles each month. Their systems are purchased, so the initial outlay is a lot, but you don’t have the multitude of problems from leasing. As of right now, we will also get a significant tax rebate, so the price will be much less.
The installation was fast and easy. It only took about 2 days to install, and we were on the grid shortly after. Eric and his crew were outstanding to work with. They were clean, tidy and respectful of our property and neighbors. Eric went over every detail with us and walked us through every step.
You should absolutely choose NexGen. We are thrilled that we did.

Rita Z. – Long Beach, CA

We used NexGen Construction for the solar on our home. I can’t speak more highly of their knowledge and professionalism. Eric Helgeson walked us through the entire process, explaining everything clearly. His crew was courteous and exceptional. I would highly recommend them without question.

Ken W. – Buena Park, CA

NexGen Construction did ours…very happy with them.

Rocky D. – Huntington Beach, CA

From the very start Eric was honest, patient, and knowledgeable about the whole process. I had already gotten 2 other quote from other solar competitors and Eric was never pushy and always willing to answer any questions I had regarding my possible installation. When I finally decided to move forward with solar I knew Next Gen was who I was going to go with, from his friendly service, to his knowledge on the products and of course this price as well. His installation team was very polite and friendly, always cleaned up there mess every day and made any adjustments to my system as I requested. Over all I am clearly happy with the service I’ve received from Next Gen and would definitely recommend them to all my friends and family. Last note… After completion I asked him to review another property I have downtown HB, after he reviewed it, he came to the determination that it would NOT be in my best interest financially to obtain the solar at that house do to location, roof space, and my ROI (return on investment) one last reassurance that Eric is a very ethical man and will not take to work without letting you know the facts.
Thanks again, -Rocky

Sa l – Cypress, CA

We compared the purchase option for solar panels between a national company and NexGen, and NexGen provides better terms for this option.  In working with Eric, we found him very knowledgeable, responsive and proactive.  From start to finish, this project has gone smoothly and with great service.  We highly recommend NexGen for your Solar project!

Patricia W. – Long Beach, CA

We first used NexGen for our solar panel installation a little more than 4 years ago. We interviewed many companies and are so happy that we went with NexGen. Eric answered all our questions about solar and never pressured us. He gave us realistic figures for the yearly savings and pay-back timeframe. He walked us through the various rebates and tax credits. He and his team are all professionals and went well beyond what we were expecting. A couple of years later we called NexGen to install solar heating for our swimming pool and now this year we asked them to install a charger for our new electric car as well as three additional roof panels. These guys are amazing! Their work is first class and along the way they have also upgraded our service panel and pool pump. Eric and his team are always available to answer our questions and will even come by to see if we’d like our panels cleaned.

Charles P. – Los Alamitos, CA

Highly recommend NexGen Construction for any electrician needs as well as solar panels.  Eric Helgeson is the owner and great guy.  He’s been operating NexGen Construction locally here in Los Alamitos for years and has earned the trust of many folks within Los Al and Rossmoor, I’m counted as one of them.  NexGen installed solar onto our home for the previous owners, we decided to work with Eric again to expand the solar system as well as install an electrical line into the garage for our EV Charger.  Eric was super helpful and patient the entire way and worked with us to optimize the solutions we need.  He was never pushy and was always responsive whenever we had questions.  Their work is always done to code, they are licensed and do things above board.  That said, NexGen Construction is very reasonably priced and never any hidden fees.  Really appreciate their honest approach and always super friendly.

Emma R. – Huntington Beach, CA

I just cannot tell you how great it has been working with Eric and NexGen.  We put in our solar system in February 2012 and have NEVER had a problem. Recently, I needed some information about the installation and could not find the information I needed.  I sent a text to Eric and immediately received an answer and a copy of my original bill of sale.  Now, that is service!

Chris K. – Long Beach, CA

The best contractor I’ve ever worked with!  Including some alternate plans (we went with his original), Eric was very responsive from the quoting phase all the way through the final sign off.  His staff was on time, very professional and even dealt well with our little pack of four dogs.  Strong recommendation for the whole team.

Lynne W. – Rossmoor, CA

Highly recommend NexGen Construction. Eric Helgeson, the owner, was terrific. It’s a local business and they did a great job sizing exactly what we needed and with the installation. Eric is an electrician and also wired a 220V line in my garage for charging my electric car. Good luck!

Phil O. – Long Beach, CA

We had a great experience with Nexgen last summer with our solar. Be sure to get several estimates, they can really vary depending on how the rep calculates the data.

Keli R. – Long Beach, CA

Yes! Contact NexGen Construction! Ask for Eric Holgerson like we did and we went from $460/mo. to $16/mo. We have a pool pump and AC. He also got us a good deal on a new roof (we needed one anyway) prior to installation! He gives a GREAT presentation and it is NOT a high pressure sell ! Hope that helps!

Lev L. – Long Beach, CA

Solar panels are a commodity (everyone’s basically able to install/service them). We had solar panels installed by Nexgen Construction. It’s a local company, and Eric was extremely helpful in the process. Most companies are trying to make money off of solar leases. Highly recommend Nexgen Construction and Eric Helgeson.

Mike L. – Laguna Niguel, CA

I had a excellent experience. I am 2 years in and the system is performing flawlessly.

Debbie Y. – Southwood Sunray

We’re having Solar installed and are using Nexgen Construction. So far we are very pleased and their customer reviews are great. They were recommended by a friend of mine.

Steve M. – Northwest Huntington Beach

Hi, we had 16 panels installed by nexgen construction 4 years ago. Price was amazing and i saw a true payback in under five years. Installation was seamless and quick. Quality of panels have been consistant in performance over 4 yrs. No hard sell or game playing. Highly recommended. Electric bill went from $230+ per month to pay 400.00 per year.

Bob K. – Cypress, CA

NexGen Construction in Los Alamitos did a great job for us – we just got a check from SCE for $71 for our excess generation last year! 20 year full warrantee – more than 8% annual return on our investment for 20 years – “just do it” 😋

We got a one year loan at zero interest and then paid it off. The system pays for itself (due to almost zero electric bill) in about 5 years. We estimate about $100,000 positive cash flow over 20 years. Eric at NexGen will give you a comprehensive idea of the complete picture.

Don B. – Los Alamitos, CA

These guys are rock stars!  I can’t say enough good things about this company.  I’ve used several solar companies in the past with different homes, and none compare to NexGen.  Eric (the owner) is just outstanding, he and his team go above and beyond to make sure your happy with your system.  He takes the time to explain every step, every option and makes sure your getting what you expect.  I had a few existing issues with my house that made install a little more challenging, but Eric didn’t hesitate to say he and his team would handle everything and not to worry.  Well, He was right. His team was very professional and polite. They arrived on time, cleaned up before they left and did an outstanding job.  If your looking for solar, don’t look any further. I’ve dealt with the other players out there, this is the team you want…. you wont regret it! (Yelp)

I’ve had solar installations in the past from big companies with mixed results, but recently used Nexgen construction. Eric (the owner) was involved from beginning to end and explained every step and every option as we moved along. He and his team are extremely professional and friendly (I might add a local company also, so nice to help local businesses). I would recommend them to anyone looking for solar installation. I cant say enough good things about this company!! (NextDoor)

Rita Z. – Long Beach, CA

After researching many solar companies, we decided to go with NexGen.
Eric Helgeson, the owner, personally walked me through the entire process, step by step. He explained the process clearly, in language that I could understand. His crew was on time and professional.
I highly recommend using NexGen for solar installation.

Eric C. – Newport Beach, CA

Had the best quote and did the work properly with the best materials for my job. Eric was good about communication and answered all my questions. I recommend him.

Priya W. – Los Alamitos, CA

After reading all the reviews here, I contacted Eric @ NexGen Solar and from the beginning to actually installing solar panels, Eric has just been amazing. We got our roof changed as well and Eric took care of everything.
I have worked with many home contractors for other projects and Eric is right at the top of the list. He is patient, intelligent and very easy to work with.
Too happy !

V. C. – Long Beach, CA

I was reading the previous reviews & they are right on!!! We really liked Eric (with a C)  proposal was first class, no hidden fees – what he says he means!! The guys were awesome & clean and work was done quick.  We will continue to work with Eric in the future and we know where to find him – chuckle
Wonderful experience & super exciting to see the electric panel go backwards!! Eric will follow up with us periodically & if we have any questions he is right there!!
Thank you Eric & guys!!!
J & V

5/5/18 Update: Eric Zack & Grady completed the install of our pool solar.  Another fine job!!!  These guys are so great to work with! J & V

Steve B. – Huntington Beach, CA

I’ve looked at solar for over a decade. The price was never quite right till now to make me pull the trigger. But I did over the years use Yelp to review solar companies. I got used to seeing horror stories about taking forever to get a system installed, not being able to get a hold of someone, systems not producing what they should, installers smashing roof tiles, etc. Then I saw Yelp reviews for NexGen. Everyone was stellar. I’d pretty much made up my mind by that point, but that sealed the deal. I was not disappointed. My install went amazingly fast. The crew was great. Everyone spoke English and answered any questions I had. Eric was always easy to reach. My install started Thursday morning. I was making electricity Friday afternoon. The Huntington Beach inspector signed off on Monday. I love looking at the website to monitor how much electricity I am generating. I am so happy with the whole experience!

Christopher S. – Anaheim, CA

NexGen is as good as it gets! Great owner who you’ll work directly with and who oversees the work.  Delivered exactly as promised, was honest for any possible limitations and was more knowledgeable in solar than any of the other four company’s we spoke with.  His team was friendly, on time, cleaned up daily, and they completed the project as promised and on time.  Eric has a great understanding of all things electrical and his people are NOT subcontracted.  We had a roof, panels, upgraded electric box and when they discovered our water heater was leaking and dripping under our house, they took care of that too.  I would recommend them as the best solar company in the area and to my friends.  If you have any questions feel free to message me.  We had our project completed Dec 17′.

Mike G. – Huntington Beach, CA

I took proposals from nationally known companies and  Nexgen for my solar project.  I picked NexGen because I found Eric to be very personable, knowledgeable, capable, and gave a very competitive proposal using hi quality materials.   The installation process went well, and the installers were very courteous, communicative, and kept a clean worksite.  Eric excels at quick, responsive, communication with excellent follow through.  I have no problem recommending NexGen for any residential solar project.

MW W. – Chatsworth, CA

Eric is a pleasure to work with.  His communication and drive to make sure every customer is happy is amazing.  I look forward to working with him again soon.  Thank you Eric.

Ivan Jed R. – CA

Great company to work with!  The entire staff is friendly and the customer experience is phenomenal!  10/10 would recommend!!!

Fodog V. – Los Alamitos, CA

I just had NexGen Construction install an additional solar system on my house. I called them up on Monday and talked to Eric to get an estimate, and the installation was complete on Weds of the same week! I have 5 new solar panels with micro-inverters. If you are thinking of going solar, now is the time. The installed price per KW for this system is about half what I paid 12 years ago for my first system, and the technology is much better. NexGen was responsive and did a beautiful job with the install.

Tina M. – Lakewood, CA

WOW WOW WOW – I can’t express my gratitude to Eric and his Crew from the first call for a very thorough email quote to the last visit walking is through how our solar will work and how we can follow the production of solar!!! We fell like we an extended family!!!! The professionalism and the knowledge that Eric has is impeccable!! My uncle being a senior and has been take advantage of Eric came in and walked him through every step of the process and put it in terms so that he could understand what is going on and the product he will receive!!! MAHALO NUI LOA for an awesome job done and most importantly taking care of my uncle when he at time in his life (senior) where companies take advantage of him!!!

Trisha M. – Seal Beach, CA

We went solar in May, and I can’t say enough great things about our experience with Nex-Gen. Eric, the owner, is fantastic! He is patient and answered all my questions (sometimes a couple of times). He gave me an initial quote after talking to me for awhile on the phone, and then came on out to make sure we were good candidates for solar (not too much shade, etc.) Next, he walked me through all of their guarantees. I feel very safe and confident that we have the very best coverage and support that we could have hoped for! The crew was just as great. They finished right when they said they would, and the whole process was far less disruptive than I expected.


Gene C. – Los Alamitos, CA

Eric and his team at NexGen installed solar panels, a pool pump and a new breaker board at our home. Everything NexGen did was as promised with high quality and care for our home.  All the work was done on time and on budget.  Communication and follow-up by Eric was excellent and greatly appreciated.  I highly recommend NexGen if you are installing solar panels in your home or business.

Ted L. – Southern California, CA

Eric is really knowledgeable on his field who will design the most efficient solar system to meet your situation. His team performed a unimpeachable installation, they did everything they promised plus went out their way to replace couples of broken roof tiles damaged by previous Direct TV installation. What a outstanding speedy service!! We have solar system producing power in 7 days from signing the contract to city final inspection. At first we are kind of debating should we choose the bigger solar company instead but after research we decided to give them a shot since they are in business longer than most of competitor, also for been small and local they are able to respond any future issues much quicker.

George P. – Cypress, CA

NexGen installed solar panels on our two story single family home as well as a townhome we own.  We interviewed a number of companies and found Eric to be very qualified and fairly priced.  When you’re meeting with Eric, you’re working with someone that has designed and installed solar panels so he knows the products. For the townhome, we had to go through an HOA which had rules that required a couple of design considerations.  Eric did a great job and was very responsive to questions that the HOA had.  The city signed off on the permits with just one visit and we received permission to operate from Edison in one day on one property and two days on the other all because of Eric’s handling of the paperwork.

Richard R. – Long Beach, CA

These guys are great, I talked to two big solar companies and two smaller ones.  I went with nexgen construction and couldn’t be happier. They were quick to get to work, worked very hard to do things right, and went out of their way to fix things they saw that had been done poorly previously by other contractors.  You could spend a lot more but you won’t find any better, and honest people to work with.

Tony M. – Artesia, CA

A few years ago, after many years of researching, I hired NexGen to install my solar panels.  They had the best warranty and the best quality in the industry.  I was very careful in my choice and I do not regret it.  I know that they are small company, but their personal attention and customer service outperforms any of the big players in the industry.  Plus, they are local and are very attentive to their customers needs.  I highly recommend them to anyone who is in the market for solar.  You wont be disappointed.
-Senator Tony Mendoza

Tracy T. – Seal Beach, CA

They installed a 29 panel set up on our house.  Very professional.  SCE took a while to get their paperwork through (Eric kept on top of it) and they did not even mention payment until we were happy.   I wish I knew it would be that easy.  We are generating and very happy.

Will J. – Mission Viejo, CA

When it comes to choices in hiring a company to design and build a homeowner’s solar energy program here in So Cal, we are extremely fortunate to have many to pick from. Too many, some might say as it’s a daunting task to go through one’s necessary due diligence in order to make sure you choose the right firm, especially when solar programs are somewhat new to the remodeling industry with most homeowners having at best, knowledge of the basics but little else. Fortunately, in todays day and age of computer technology, there are sites like Yelp who at the very least, can cut your research time in half by giving you relatively unbiased reviews of firms being considered.

This is exactly what we did and in doing so, ran across NexGen Construction. Rarely do you find reviews this glowing, not just here and there but virtually every one! Thus my phone call to hear what the folks at NexGen had to offer. Eric Helgeson (owner) came out to my home in Mission Viejo and gave me a terrific education on what would be the right system for us. Having been in sales and sales mgmt. for many years  before retiring, I kinda know when someone’s just throwing out a canned presentation (boilerplate) and simply working for the signature on the dotted line. Well, that’s not the case here. He really knows his subject, is as honest as it gets and is a just plain nice guy – a combination rarely found today.

One of the big problems you can find out too late is there’s more to installing solar than putting up the panels. Yes, the dreaded paperwork, permits and Homeowners Association sign-offs. In NexGen’s case, that was no problem  as all of that was taken care of by their most capable office staff and Eric’s personal trips to the City of Mission Viejo’s planning offices.

Now, on to the solar installation itself. A big plus is their materials are all state of the art top line panels and micro-inverters whereby each panel’s performance can be monitored online. As to his construction crews, they were superb. Every afternoon before leaving, our home was left spic and span. Each of the four crew members, Grady and Roberto included, were courteous, friendly and as helpful as it gets as they even did a few roof/tile repairs gratis over and above the solar installation which wasn’t expected but most appreciated. An added bonus is that NexGen is not one of the huge national mega solar installers w/ high advertising and marketing expenses subsidized and paid for by guess who – you the homeowner, thus the total costs were right in the ballpark (read: very, very reasonable) especially considering the quality of the materials used throughout the whole process. Btw, what a pleasure it was to finalize the project and realize there were NO hidden fees or additional charges as the price we agreed on was the price I paid out the door.

After final inspection by the City of Mission Viejo, we’ve now got our electrical meter running backwards with a well connected online monitoring system showing daily (hourly, too!) power production which is a wonderful sight to see thanks to Eric and NexGen’s skillful installation. No, I have no ulterior motive in giving this most positive review other than wanting to give credit where credit is due.


Michael V. – Rossmoor, CA

We just had NexGen Construction design and install our solar system and the experience was amazing.  They are truly deserving of their high ratings.  Eric, the owner, seems to care greatly about the quality of his work and the satisfaction of his customers.  It was very important to me that my solar system was not only functional and reliable but also aesthetically pleasing.  Eric was the only solar contractor that seemed to have similar goals.   I requested quotes from three local companies, all with great reviews and similarly priced.  Two companies sent solar sales people to give me my quote, Eric the owner of NexGen came himself.  2 weeks after that visit my system is up and running providing me with clean energy and looks great.  Thanks NexGen!

Don T. – Fountain Valley, CA

First of all Eric is honest straightforward with no hidden costs.  His price target was on the money. Eric took the bull by the horns and got the job done in less time than promised. He even replaced a bunch of pre-existing broken composite roof tiles to boot. I’m extremely grateful for knowing Eric and his team. I had no problem handing him over the cash for a job well done.  What is the result you ask? Well so far we’ve had a negative bill almost every month except December, which was $75. I think it was gloomy and the Christmas lights stayed on the whole time.  I just feel sorry for the poor schmucks that go to the big solar companies and pay a lease for the power they generate. That is where they stick it to you.

Joyce K. – Long Beach, CA

My quest for a solar system took almost two years.  During that time the one name that kept coming up as THE company to go with was NexGen Construction.  Eric was informative, educated me about aspects of solar with which I was unfamiliar, but thankfully there was never any sales pitch or pressure.  Eric presented a review of how many panels we would need to be practically self-sufficient, a graph of expected solar production, and written guarantees for the panels and inverters used. The job on the house took 5 working days, final inspection on Day 6, and permission from Edison to operate granted on Day 8.  Kudos to Eric and his crew!  The guys arrived on time and they were amazing.

Beth L. – Long Beach, CA

We normally do not write reviews but Eric and his crew were so awesome we felt everyone should know.   Eric gave an honest and fabulous presentation. His system was superior to the larger companies.  We have never had such great customer service.  His guys were polite and hardworking.   We were on the grid in about 10 days. We love seeing our low low electric bill.
100% satisfaction with the crew, system, and Eric.

Joe B. – Lakewood, CA

Had a very good experience with this company. Eric was a very capable electrican. Installed my inverter and even waited out a rain storm to complete the work . Good job and completed in a very timely fashion.  The company has stayed in contact and Eric has made sure that all components are working properly.

Bob K. – Cypress, CA

Eric & his team at NexGen are fantastic to work with. They have a very high quality product & excellent service. Our solar energy system was custom designed based on our energy usage history – our system will totally pay for itself in about 5 years. We expect to save about $125K during the 20 year warrantee period because our net electric bill will be ZERO – this is huge because our investment in our own home late system will pay us much higher returns than the same $$ invested in a moderate stock/bond portfolio. This is a great way to save money. My advice??? Call Eric today!

Becky S. – Seal Beach, CA

I am very pleased that my husband and I chose to go with NexGen for our solar installation. Eric was the perfect person to meet with so that I could choose the right solar package for my needs. He never tried to do a hard sell. He answered all of my questions and brought up many points that I didn’t even know to ask. He never pressured us to finalize the contract, but waited for my call after giving me all the paperwork to read. When we decided to purchase our system the installation was very quick. The crew was extremely courteous and neat. They even made sure they replaced roof tiles for us that had been broken by a fumigation crew the week before. They worked around my schedule.

Carla M. – Long Beach, CA

Eric and his team were AWESOME!  Our Solar quest was two years, and we kept backing off because everyone was “selling” and confusing (yes, selling a lease in some instances, or the opportunity with an “independent” energy company – uugghh).  Anyway, this last go around I dwindled the prospects down to four, made appts and listened to three… and we didn’t even hesitate to go with Eric.  HONEST, informative, and he listened to us.  We were installed in less than three weeks and are so happy.  If you are “shopping” give Eric & Nexgen a consideration, you will not be disappointed.  He earns all of these 5-star ratings I found before we hired him, and I am so happy I wanted to add one myself.   Thanks Eric & crew!!!

Scott C. – Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

Eric and the team at NexGen took great care of my solar installation.  Planning and communication was great.  When there was a snag at the city, it got handled quickly and without hassle.  The prices were appropriate, the service was flawless and they are local enough to be accessible.  I sincerely encourage you to use NexGen if you are considering a Solar installation.

Johnny S. – Signal Hill, CA

I have nothing but good things to say about Eric and Nexgen Solar. I called him early April and asked for a quote. We discussed leasing vs. purchase and I decided to purchase the panels. His price came in a lot lower than the nearest competitor, and that is using American made panels. He came to my house and made some measurements and 2 weeks later, he told me he was going to install the panels. And I never even gave him a cent of deposit. The crew was punctual and clean and most importantly – very respectful. They finished the install in 3 days. By the 4th day, SCE was there inspecting. We got approved right away so I am producing electricity in about 4 weeks!!! I can monitor the electricity produced by the panels every hour of the day if I want to.

Compare that to my neighbor’s friend, who leased the panels. They were installed in her house since December and it hasn’t even been approved for use yet.

If you are looking to install Solar Panels and enjoy cheap electricity – give everyone a call first and then call Eric. I’m sure you’ll have him do your panel installation.

Thanks, Eric.


Linda S. – Newport Beach, CA

We purchased a home one year ago that has solar panels previously installed by NEXGEN. Needless to say we did not know anything about the system as we were not there at installation. We assumed all was going well as every electric bill this last yet  was still in credit mode. Yeah Solar!  Yesterday we received a $1700.00 bill. What? I guess we assumed that was how it worked, but I reached out to NEXGEN and told them and Eric came out the very next day. It seems that somehow the system has been off this entire year. Eric took the time to fix the WHOLE system. He then took the time to sit down with me to explain the system and how it works. He then spent additional time going over my bills with me to show me what to look for in efficiency and inefficiency. If this is not superior customer service as well as pride in your company I do not know what is.
Thank you Eric and NEXGEN!

Rainer S. – Los Alamitos, CA

This experience could not be better ! After checking around  we decided to stay local with NexGen Construction. It was a great pleasure to deal with Mr. Eric Helgeson. He explained the process, the timeline, costs etc. . No ” BS “, straight forward, very professional. After we sealed the deal he inspected our roof, got the necessary permits and his crew started the installation. We are still amazed how quick everything went down ( 2 weeks from the moment we shook hands to going Green ! ) and not a single ” hiccup “. Thanks again to Eric and his crew for an outstanding job !!!  The Stiller family, Los Alamitos.

Paul W. – Long Beach, CA

We just had 26 panels installed by NexGen.  Eric and his team did an excellent job of installing these panels with no exterior “plumbing”, which makes the entire job look much cleaner.  They also relocated some plumbing vents on the roof to allow for a continuous run of panels, instead of a panel here and a panel there to accommodate the existing vent locations.

Eric did a great job of instructing on the ins and outs of solar, sharing with SCE, and differing rate structures.  His crew arrived when they promised, they were friendly and professional; they even did a good job of cleaning up after each of the days they were here.

Eric and NexGen also did some electrical repairs for us at no added cost.  They even have promised to come clean the panels when requested (a much-appreciated perk for someone my age!)
My wife and I are very pleased with NexGen and the work they did.  We would recommend them to anyone who asks.

Trisha M. – Seal Beach, CA

We went solar in May, and I can’t say enough great things about our experience with Nex-Gen.  Eric, the owner, is fantastic!  He is patient and answered all my questions (sometimes a couple of times).  He gave me an initial quote after talking to me for awhile on the phone, and then came on out to make sure we were good candidates for solar (not too much shade, etc.)  Next, he walked me through all of their guarantees.  I feel very safe and confident that we have the very best coverage and support that we could have hoped for!  The crew was just as great.  They finished right when they said they would, and the whole process was far less disruptive than I expected. Our first bill was $3.56.  WOW!

Becky S. – Seal Beach, CA

We installed our solar panels with NexGen in June.  Eric, the owner, is incredibly easy to speak to and is not a hard sell salesperson which was great.  He is very knowledgeable and answered all my questions.  His crew was friendly and neat during installation and went beyond what they had to do by replacing roof tiles broken during fumigation.  The best part is our electric bill.  Our first complete month came in and it was $1.38.  Working with NexGen on this project has bee so easy and the results are incredible.  I would recommend NexGen to anyone looking into solar.

C. F. – Placentia, CA

If you are tired of paying soaring Edison bills this company is top notch. Honest and reliable from start to finish. Eric and his team are great. They are all very professional and do a great job. They go above and beyond to ensure that the job is done quickly. The only regret I have is that we didn’t call them sooner! Thank you NexGen construction for all your hard work!

Melissa D. – Lakewood, CA

This company is extremely honest and reliable. The actual owner of the company is the person who comes to your home to sit down and speak with you. The OWNER not some salesperson actually told us that it wasn’t cost worthy for US to get solar because our current electricity usage is actually very low because of a CARE program we are on. He didn’t try to talk us into buying something we didn’t need just for his own profit and he was up front and honest about why we wouldn’t be saving money. AGAIN NOT because solar isn’t awesome but because we are on a low rate plan with Edison. Other companies tried to pressure us into leasing and never once told us we wouldn’t really benefit. WOW just WOW

Bryce L. – Orange, CA

After doing extensive research about the many, many companies that offer solar installation, we narrowed the choices by reading reviews on the usual review sites, and going to company websites. All the companies we considered offered free onsite estimates. Many had somewhat mixed comments. NexGen Construction, however, had seemingly impeccable reviews. I visited their website, and submitted information for a generalized analysis, which was sent to me by email. Eric, the owner, called me to discuss my query. I was very pleasantly surprised with his demeanor and generous time spent answering many questions. We discussed everything from decisions about type of equipment, design of system capacity, general usage history and patterns, changing time of usage, e.g., pool filter pump timing. Every response from Eric was thoughtful, informed and made me feel that his goal was to see we ended up with exactly the right system, design, capacity and results we desired. By contrast, one of the other companies we contacted kept emphasizing that they could beat any bid from any competitor — without considering our needs. For example, Eric described the difference between string and micro-inverters, and the pros and cons of each. That turns out to be a critical subject, as we want minimum maintenance (string inverters have a shorter life), maximum information (micro-inverters allow individual panel performance, real-time, but cost more)., To cut the system cost, ‘we can beat any other bid’ salesman steered us to string inverters. For another example, Eric showed us how building to 80% of our apparent need would result in (substantially) 100% offset to our bill, simply by usage adjustments. Other bidders were happy to sell us all the panels that we could fit on our roof. Fortunately, after Eric educated us, and after we did further research, armed with Eric’s info, we found Eric was absolutely spot-on. His advice helped meet our needs.

After signing the contract, Eric quickly scheduled site engineering, and everything after flowed quickly and flawlessly. Great install crew who knew their stuff; neat, quick, clean, polite. Always called before showing up; always explained any delay (waiting for a city inspector), careful attention to detail (conduit aligned properly, and not haphazardly attached).  Three weeks after first meeting Eric, we are producing solar, and are able to monitor it – panel by panel, total system output, updated every five minutes, with historical data that can be played to show effect of clouds that showed up, moved on, etc. Fantastic!!  And, my SCE bill forecast is plummeting (even though we’ve only recently turned the system on). What excitement to see the SCE meter showing the usage indicator pointing to the street, meaning, the electricity is flowing from our system to the grid, and not from the grid into our house.

As for Eric and NexGen Construction, I couldn’t be more satisfied. Five stars doesn’t go far enough to express our satisfaction.

Shirley R. – Long Beach, CA

NexGen installed our panels eight months ago, and we have been very pleased with both the process and the results.  We had investigated solar and a new roof about five years earlier contacting the highly recommended company which had done the installations for a client of mine who had built a completely off the grid home.  When a sub-contractor who was sent to give the company an estimate on removing our old roof told us privately that we still had another five years left in our roof, we dropped the project and were subjected to quite a bit of high pressure selling from the solar company.

This year it became obvious that it was time for a new roof.  The roofer highly recommended by neighbors had Eric talk to us.  Working with him was a pleasure, and everything has worked out as he explained.  There was not any pressure to oversell a system and he and his men worked well in co-ordination with the roofers.  I have recommended them to other friends.

Randy B. – Cypress, CA

My Wife and I met with Eric today about purchasing a solar system from NexGen. He couldn’t have been more helpful. He answered all of our questions and gave us an excellent presentation on how solar works and the savings we will see on our electricity for years to come. We’ve looked at other companies and NexGen has risen to the top because of Eric’s attention to detail.

Leslie S. – Long Beach, CA

I used Nexgen 2 years ago to have solar installed.  My savings have been amazing!! My electric bill for the whole year the first year was $625 and the second year $550.  My bills used to be $350 a month in the summer and $250 most ither months.  I couldn’t be happier.  Eric the owner is great.  Totally honest, responsive and did great job.  He is also a general contractor and after our solar i had him do some work inside the house.  I had 3 companies bid my solar and the other 2 were like used car salesman, Eric was nothing like that.  Eric gave me a long list of refernces and I called numerous references and they all had great things to say too.  I highly recommend him.

Karen J. – Huntington Beach, CA

NexGen installed our Solar Panels in August of 2010.  We received several quotes and decided to go with NexGen because they were the most professional in their presentation.  Eric does not hard sell you, he gives you many options and his estimates of performance are not over stated.  The installation was very smooth, all the employees are very polite.  Each day Eric informed us what was happening that day, he kept us well informed of the process from the start to finish.  Since SCE put us online we have not paid one electricity bill.

Robert M. – Huntington Beach, CA

We have had solar installed by Eric for over a year now. Installation was clean and detailed, exceeding expectations. Our system has been outperforming Eric’s estimate reducing our monthly power bill from $230 to $40. This yields a true 5 year payback.

Joanne L. – Los Alamitos, CA

If there were 6 stars, I would give NexGen a 6 star rating!.  We have had our solar for over 2 years and I am thrilled with the energy savings, money savings, service, etc.   I researched solar for many months and attended an Edison seminar so that I would be knowledgeable.  Here is why you should use NexGen.  Eric is not a salesman.  He is the business.  He is the one who will come out, find out what you need/want and help you to understand what all are the options.  He won’t over sell.  Eric is an excellent teacher. He was the only rep that helped us understand what would be best for us.  We were able to get American made panels.  We were able to make repairs to our roof as part of the project and benefit from the Federal and Edison rebates to the fullest.  Service was EXCELLENT.  He did what he said he would do and he did it on time.  Since we went online with our solar, our largest bill has been $1.91 to Edison.  Our monthly cost (we used our own line of credit) is less than what we paid Edison before and we will be paid off in less than 5 years.  From then on, our total out of pocket will be $1.91 per month.  Plus we get a rebate annually from Edison.    I have referred 5 friends to NexGen and all 5 have selected NexGen for their solar projects.  Can’t get much better than that!

James M. – Corona, CA

I had a consultation with Eric and heis as professional but on a friendly level as it gets.  I have not agreed to purchase anything and he never once was rude or tried to act like he was reading if I was interested.  He doesn’t try to sell you.  He educates you based on what your energy usage is. Goes very indepth about solar and the benefits.  My wife and i are definitely considering NexGen as our solar company.  If you are looking for solar I suggest you don’t make a decision until you have a consultation with him.

Stephen B. – Huntington Beach, CA

I began researching solar in June, partly because my daughter and son-in-law had installed panels on their new home and partly because I expected to come into some cash shortly that needed to be invested somewhere.

NexGen was one of the first companies I contacted. Maybe even contacted them too soon–I was still doing my research and did not have the money yet. But that was not a problem. Eric answered all my questions and did not pressure me for any action. In fact, I really learned a lot about solar from Eric. He is quite knowledgeable and very willing to share that knowledge.

He sent me a preliminary proposal which sat around while I continued my research. I finally narrowed down my choices and NexGen was one of the final three. Eric came out to my home and surveyed the install. He revised his proposal plan so that it both met my solar generation targets and my wife’s ascetic concerns. He left me with a revised proposal and four local references.

Everyone of the references I spoke with had high praise for both Eric and the work his company did for them. For me that coupled with his proposal was a clincher. I called him and we agreed a deal over the phone. When I asked when he wanted his initial deposit he said he would stop by after filing the plan with the City.

We are still executing the plan Eric provided. This week my new service panel was installed and the solar arrays connected. Next week is rough inspection, so things should be wrapping up shortly.

First update: Right now we are generating about three times the power we are using. (Of course, the day is not hot, so the AC is not running.) Eric was out today to prepare for the stucco work around the new service panel.

Second update: All done but for waiting on the bureaucracy, then I will start getting credit for the extra power I am now giving SCE. But even without that I will have a significant bill reduction for August.