Need an EV Charging Station Installed for your home?

Why not install an EV Charging Station with free fuel from solar energy?

Approximately 3 solar panels needed per 5,000 miles driven per year.

Save about 50%/mile.  No GAS TAX!  No GAS PUMPS!

EV Charging Stations are perfect with a Solar System 5kW or larger. 

Turn your home into an energy manufacturing facility and electric vehicle filling station for self-sufficient energy independence.

EV Charging Station Installer

Level 2 EV Charging Stations are mounted in a convenient location and offer faster charging than Level 1.

They require 240 volts of electricity.  The installation is similar to adding 240 volt service for an oven or dryer.

On your electrical panel, two 120 volt buses are combined to a double-pole circuit breaker and grounded to achieve 240 volts for the Level 2 EV Charging Station.

NexGen Construction can provide electrical panel upgrades if required.

Solar Energy and EV Charging Stations work well together if the solar system is sized accordingly.

NexGen Construction uses solar micro-inverters to make the solar system easily expandable..

Level 2 EV Charging Stations can fully charge an electric vehicle in as little as 2 hours.